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Our Team

As the need arises and on a case by case basis we will co-opt other Mediators / facilitators / experienced professionals to our team 

Aisling O’Meara  BA (Law), Dip (Med),  ADR & MII Accredited Mediator


Aisling holds a degree in Law with Business and continued her studies into mediation. She completed family, civil and commercial training and accreditation with Friary Law Chambers and subsequently a post graduate diploma in mediation and conflict intervention in conjunction with the Irish Family Mediation Service.

Her primary focus is family law and elder mediation. She has developed extensive knowledge of litigation and has been engaged on a wide variety of mediations involving family law, corporate law, landlord and tenant , construction, financial, insurance,  employment,  commercial property and industrial relations matters. 

Aisling has been characterised as a mediator who has the temperament to deal with both difficult personalities and highly charged emotional disputes and has been successful in bringing resolution to even the most contentious cases. 

She likes to adopt creative approaches to complex problems. A mediator by nature Aisling passionately believes in mediation as a pre-entry move before commencing expensive legal proceedings.

She does not discriminate or disparage, and always tries to have a positive solution seeking attitude.

Brenda O’Grady MIILEx, ADR & MII Accredited Mediator

Brenda is a Civil, Commercial and Family Law Mediator Accredited with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland and an Executive at Law for over twenty years. Brenda trained as a Mediator with Friary Law.  She has gained valuable experience through the various roles she has held professionally and voluntarily in national and community organisations.

She has experience in Probate, Conveyancing, Civil, Medical Negligence, Employment and Commercial matters and has extensive Family Law mediation  experience. Brenda  has worked on very varied  cases in  including those involving the Pharmaceutical,  Medial, Manufacturing, Public Relations, Hospitality, and Service industries and cases involving Community and  Not for Profit organisations.

Brenda is a natural facilitator and is passionate that mediation is the sensible approach to resolving disputes. She is experienced in dispute resolution and is a  capable team leader with excellent interpersonal communication skills and the ability to motivate others. She is willing to listen, compromise, explain and exchange information. She is capable of developing and implementing short- and long-term strategic plans and has the ability to rally others, inspire their best performance and welcome feedback.

Previous clients describe her as fair and with the ability to assist the mediation process in achieving a resolution while helping all parties retain their dignity. She leads by example and treats all of her associates in a fair and equitable manner.

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