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What is Employment Mediation?

Employment mediation is the management and resolution of conflicts that take place in the workplace, these conflicts can range from employment contract disputes to interpersonal disputes.

Normally, management and human resources will have failed to reach a fair resolution to a conflict internally and a third party mediator is required. Disputes can often happen between different companies that are conducting business together when a contract is breached or issues arise.

Who needs Employment Mediation?

Normally disputes in the workplace are first handled internally by the management within the company or the human resources department. A request for an independent third party mediator is made when a resolution was not reached at this first stage. The request for a mediator isn't always from the management of the company, sometimes an effected individual will recommend approaching a mediator. 

Contract and policy breaches are normally the main case that requires the use of a mediator. This can either be internal within a company or between two or more businesses that are conducting business together. 

Examples of cases brought for mediation in the workplace:

  • Employee Contract Issues

  • Company Policy Breaches

  • Inter Business Disputes

  • Wage Negotiation


Why Mediation is used for Employment Conflicts?

Mediation is an effective cost saving method of resolving  employment conflict.

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