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What is Separating / Couples Divorce Dispute Mediation?

Separating couples /divorce dispute mediation is the process of mediating between a married couple which are in the process of separating / divorcing.  The couple will seek out a third party in mediation in order to help them resolve conflicts and disputes that have arisen during the separation / divorce process. 

Who needs Separating Couples /Divorce Mediation?

Separating couples /divorce mediation  specialises in conflict resolution between married couples, in most cases the married couple will have a family and property / debts which will need to considered during the divorce proceedings. 

Who uses mediation during a Separation / Divorce?

  • Married couples with children: during a separation /divorce it is vital that the needs and issues around the guardianship of the children is considered. 
  • Married couples with no children: financial and asset ownership issues often arise during a separation / divorce process.

How does a mediator resolve conflicts for Separating Couples / Divorcing couples?

The ability for the mediator to provide the conflicting couple with a safe and constructive environment is the main impacting approach to resolving conflicts between separating / divorcing couples. Prior to third party mediation assistance couples will often conduct un-productive communication, the mediator will give a structure to the entire process. 

Keys for the mediator during Separation / Divorce conflict resolution:

  • Ensure s continuing amicable relationship between the couple
  • Ensure a fair resolution is reached with the children in mind
  • Ensure any financial assets are fairly handled during the process

Issues dealt with during separating Couples / Divorcing Couples (Family Law)  Mediation

  • Maintenance / Finances
  • Separating Couples / Divorce
  • Custody Access
  • Grandparent / Extended Family Access
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