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What is Civil Mediation?

Civil Mediation is the intervention of a third party mediator that aims to resolve a conflict between two parties that owe a civil duty to one another. Civil disputes can range from business related conflicts to small claims from members of the general public.


Civil Mediation is important for people who are in dispute over certain issues they wish to resolve if they wish to avoid the courts especially if they wish to continue their relationship


Who needs Civil Mediation? 

Civil mediation is a general form of mediation as the category of dispute can be broad and can range from businesses to individuals. A civil dispute will arise from a conflict between two parties that owe a degree of civil duty to each other. 


Civil disputes can Include:

  • Contract breaches

  • Small claims

  • Probate cases e.g. Wills

  • Neighbors disputes

  • Property disputes

  • Rights of Way disputes

  • Juvenile cases


How does a mediator resolve Civil disputes?

The approach from the mediator to a civil conflict will differ greatly depending on the civil case brought before them. In most cases the aim of maintaining a relationship will be important as parties that owe a civil duty to one another will in a lot of cases need to communicate with each other in the future.

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